Our Mission

To accelerate Australia’s renewable energy sustenance and reduce our carbon emissions by bringing in the best of solar technology and support it with the best solar expertise.


To contribute to  Australia’s energy independence by harnessing the power of the Sun as a renewable energy source.

We Save You Money

We’ve mastered the art of money savings. An investment in solar energy is an investment in your financial future. After conducting a solar onsite analysis to best determine your home or business’s energy needs and goals, we create a custom system designed to maximize your return on investment and save you money.

Eco- Freindly – Delta

Being Eco-friendly is our passion, we aim to respond to reduce the impact of humankind on our planet. Our safety systems for procurement and procedures are towards being a responsible eco-friendly institution. We aim to recycle correctly in accordance with the policies of local government and abide the regulations to the dot.

We Make it Affordable

Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have maintained our commitment to making solar energy a viable and affordable option for homeowners and businesses alike. We understand pandemic has made life tough for us, we are offering affordable financing options which include no upfront costs and low monthly payments. Additionally, there are several rebate options from the State Government such as Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). Our intent is to get your the best benefit from the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) so that you get can get an eligible export payment for electricity they export to the grid, including from rooftop solar PV systems, batteries and electric vehicles.

We do our Installs Right

Delta Solar has the experience you need to execute a seamless installation. We understand how to design an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar array because we have the most experience in the industry. We design Solar arrays to achieve efficiency and aesthetics. Our expertise and experience are second to none. Our installers are trained by professionals with ABCEP certification –the highest in the industry. This experience helps us get your solar system up and running faster than anyone in the industry. We aim to speed up our application process with the energy commission so that you can benefit as early with the government rebates.

We take Care of our Customers

Delta Solar was built on a foundation of providing exceptional customer service on every step of the way. We believe that being educated about solar energy is critical. We keep you in the know about our process, everything from conducting a shading analysis onsite to how our custom design is tailored specifically to maximize your energy needs. Our certified installers keep you informed about your energy investment and financial savings –we even offer a free educational seminar series.. We also take care of panel health, if a clean is required for effective performance. We do offer our assistance for maximising your investment returns for your investment properties as well.