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Solar System Specialists


Take advantage of the free energy the sun showers on your business every day. Now is the time to lock in your power bill, as solar is more affordable than ever.

Delat Solar industry exclusive savings:

–       Average 4-6 year ROI.
–       Great tax incentives.
–       No upfront costs.
–       Solar-specific financing.

Lock in your power bill now to avoid paying ever-increasing power costs. Delta Solar Service makes it easy with a simple three-step process. Our experts handle every step, saving time and money along the way:

1. Consultation: An Delta Solar energy consultant will visit your location to assess your energy needs and answer all your questions/concers. We will show you how to redirect your tax liability and turn your power bill into a power-producing asset. We’ll also explain special government incentives that will save you at least 60% of the cost of your solar system.

2. Installation: Our engineers will design a custom system based on your power needs and provide you with installation options. Then, your solar system is installed by technicians trained by the solar industry’s gold standard for training, the Australian Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (ABCEP).

3. Savings: After installation, you’ll start seeing the savings immediately. And when it comes time to claim your tax credits, we help you with all the paperwork.