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Solar System Specialists


All Star Solution is a manufacturer of PV panel mounting systems that have been created with the combined ability of PV research and development, manufacturing facilities, and sales and installation.

Since 2015, they have had a strong focus on improving the installation experience of a PV System. They are committed to the continuous improvement of their products, to bring a product that maintains strength and improves the installation efficiency.

They invest heavily in R&D and are dedicated to their professional service. They pride themselves on taking their customer’s needs into consideration for everything that they design. It is this approach that makes All Star a favoured partner. 

● 6005 - T5 high quality aluminium

● High tensile stainless steel components

● Grade 304 (Tile Hooks) Grade A2-70 (Fixings)

● Higher corrosion resistance in coastal conditions

● Deeper top channel for faster installation of hanger bolts

● Patented universal mid & end clamps 35/40 mm

● Additional components per kit

● Kits pre packed - for easier handling